Why Altus Staffing?

Altus Staffing offers a one-stop-shop solution for all IT staffing issues. Is your organization in need of IT expertise? We have the largest network of IT professionals. With the help of our four services (interim, ECM, search & selection and temp to perm) we have the answer to all of your staffing needs.

We distinguish ourselves through

  • A triple niche focus
  • The largest IT network in the Netherlands
  • Community building
  • Intensive personal contact

Niche focus

Altus Staffing distinguishes itself from its competition with a triple niche focus. The three aspects on which we distinguish ourselves are:

  1. The vertical niche market;
  2. The type of employment of the IT professional;
  3. The region.

This means, for example, that a consultant focuses specifically on the mediation of Java backend developers (the vertical niche) for interim applications (a type of employment) in the province of Utrecht (regional aspect). Our consultants all work according to this triple niche focus. Because of this, they know the field in which they work well, and they have good relationships with the IT professionals in their region. This is an important cornerstone of our success.

The largest IT network

Altus Staffing has built up an enormous network over the years. In fact, our network is so large that we can safely say that we have the largest network of IT professionals in the Netherlands. This is mainly due to our regional focus and niche-oriented approach. With this approach, the entire country is meticulously managed by our consultants.

Community building

Our brands use the power of sharing knowledge to build communities. We believe in investing in niche driven meetings. We organize dozens of meetups each year where knowledge is shared, often with prominent guest speakers. Besides that, we also organize two large conferences a year, with more than five hundred guests. These conferences are filled with workshops, interesting guest speakers and round table sessions. Our individual brands all publish blogs and share trends to build a strong community.

Intensive personal contact

Our consultants are always in touch with IT professionals. Because of this, they always know which experts are ready to make a move. Combined with a good working relationship with all of our customers, they can provide seamless staffing solutions. 

IT consultants meeting

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