How is an Altus Staffing consultant trained as your personal staffing partner?

How is an Altus Staffing consultant trained as your personal staffing partner?

You are looking for the right employees, but you don’t have the time or expertise to do this yourself. As soon as you decide to call in help with this, you give this heavy task to a consultant. Preferably, this is someone who is by your side as a sparring partner: someone who can give sound advice. For this reason you must be able to blindly trust the consultant with whom you work. But which requirements must a consultant meet?

Consultants are extensively screened before they start working at Altus Staffing. Once within the organization, they undergo an extensive training program, in which they are fully trained to work in the dynamic environment which entails the IT industry. Even after the first few months, we continuously offer our people the best possible training, so that they have all the knowledge they need. We are happy to take you on their journey.

A good first impression

At Altus Staffing, we only work with the best. During the application process we therefore exclusively select persons who have the following five characteristics:

  • Quality
  • Intelligence
  • Drive
  • Fun
  • Authenticity

With us, quality goes beyond quantity. Which is why our consultants have a strong relationship with only a few clients. Our consultants are specialists. This is because of our triple niche focus. Each consultant serves a specific niche market in IT, in a specific region, with a specific type of employment. They are college or university graduates and eager to learn. This enables them to provide organizations with detailed and valuable advice. Dedication is an important characteristic, because the search for the perfect candidate is difficult. An optimistic character is essential here. We are looking for people who add something unique to Altus Staffing and stay close to themselves during their career.


The Impact Journey

During the introduction days, Altus Staffing’s new employees will immediately start working on the first steps of their personal development. They learn how to turn their passion for success into perseverance and how to deal with setbacks in both work and private situations. In addition, they receive coaching sessions to explore their unique talents.

After the introduction days, the consultants receive an intensive seven-month training program: "The Impact Journey". During this program, they participate in twenty different workshops and training courses focusing on three best practices developed by Altus Staffing itself:

  • Candidates
  • Clients
  • Processes


We believe it is very important to build a good relationship with IT professionals. This starts long before they end up at organizations in the application process. During these training sessions, the consultants are taught advanced methods to find the right people, to approach them and then to build a personal relationship with them.


Giving the right advice is only possible when we know an organization inside and out. During the client training, our consultants learn not only to quickly identify the wishes of the customer, but also to think along. They ask specific questions, so that the perfect match can be made between candidate and client. In this way we coach the consultants towards a long-term relationship with our clients.


As the current IT market is changing rapidly, correct timing is essential. We teach our consultants to estimate which actions are required and how they can successfully complete a partnership as quickly as possible. We work in a well-organized and goal-oriented manner, so that all knowledge and skills are utilized in the right way.


IT training

In addition to the general knowledge that is gained by our consultants, they receive specific IT training. Every IT niche brand under Altus Staffing has its own substantive training program. In IT, candidates often speak in professional jargon, and we think it is necessary for our employees to understand this and to discuss it. To ensure the expertise within the own niche, we conclude this program with an exam.

After seven months, the consultants give a presentation and switch to "The Impact Journey Pro". This is a more advanced program where our consultants learn to work independently. For each individual, a decision is made on whether a consultant is ready to be a valuable partner for both client and candidate and when. However, our consultants are never done learning: at Altus Staffing we offer Life Long Learning!