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Software Testing Trends 2019

As another year draws to a close, it's time to take stock and look ahead to the trends and developments that will affect the market next year. It looks as if 2019 will be the year in which testers again receive the recognition they deserve; and it's high time they did!

A shift from QA to QE

Now that companies are increasingly switching to a service-based model, a shift is also taking place from Quality Assurance to Quality Engineering. Where traditionally applications would be tested that already existed, we now need to “test” and consider potential errors before the code is even in place. Test driven development is the key word here.

Again we are also seeing a clear shift in who undertakes the testing role. Several years ago, teams primarily worked according to the tenet “everyone is responsible for the code”, but that is now changing. There are more and more dedicated QE roles in the market and that trend will in all likelihood continue in 2019.

Testers also need to be prepared for an increased pressure to quickly bring applications onto the market. Testing is now, more than ever, an integral part of development. Test management tools also need to be used in such a way that they don't slow the process down. The real focus lies in the more frequent release of new versions, rather than an update once a year. For testers from more traditional markets, it often requires a little time to get used to the switch.

Big Data Testing

Now that Big Data is taking over the market, it's only a matter of time before testing also takes off within this area. Against the backdrop of the GDPR, one of whose aims is to protect the personal data within all these huge data sets, it's quite some task to keep everything up-to-date and “GDPR proof”. From data testing to the security of this data, for testers the sky really will be the limit within Big Data in the next few years.

Automation for mobile apps

It's no surprise that in 2019 the use of the mobile telephone will continue to rise. Despite the 'digital detox' trend that’s also taking place, the time that we spend on our smartphones increases each year. This means that mobile testing also won't stand still in 2019. The testing of mobile apps is always a big task. Due to the different types of telephones and OS platforms, the same function has to be tested a huge number of times before it ends up in the AppStore/Play Store. To keep apps up-to-date, we also foresee major steps forward in the automated UI testing of apps in 2019.

IoT Testing

IoT is an interesting technology which seems to be developing at an ever-increasing pace. But with all these devices that communicate with one another via RFID, NFC, Bluetooth, Z-wave and Wi-Fi, a host of security issues obviously come into play. We even noticed this back in 2016 during one of our IoT meet-ups. Fortunately, there’s been a great deal of improvement since then; however, to ensure that everything works seamlessly together, testing is essential. For new testers, this is one of the technologies in which we advise you to specialise. With a growing demand for IoT products and the importance of data security and privacy, this is a niche that will undergo major developments over the next few years.

Open Source Tools

A growing number of companies are using different open source tools for testing. This is because they are free and accessible to everyone. What’s more, adjustments can easily be made so that the tools fit perfectly with whatever needs to be tested. For these reasons, the next few years will see a sharp increase in Open Source testing tools for Agile, DevOps and automated testing.

So as you can see, 2019 is set to be another exciting year for our testers. Which of the developments within testing grab your interest most?