About Altus IT staffing

About Altus   

Altus Staffing is the umbrella organization for our IT niche brands. Since 2011, Altus has established various brands to serve the IT world. This specialized, niche-driven approach is unique in the market and gives our candidates and customers an outstanding experience. 

Altus IT Staffing timeline

Our Story      

Our vision: knowing more about less   

Our brands focus on a specific niche within the IT world. That is precisely why we believe it is important that the employees who deal with clients and candidates understand their market very well. We do this by having them specialize in a triple niche. Every employee:

1. Works for one of the five niche brands;

2. Specializes in one of the four services: interim, ECM, search & selection or temp to perm;

3. Focuses on a specific region (for example, the Utrecht region).

This method ensures that we know the IT market in detail and offer a suitable solution for every staffing issue.

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IT community building

Value added services    


Connecting IT specialists is one of the cornerstones of our niche-driven strategy. Altus Staffing, for example, organizes events and meetings on a very regular basis, where prominent specialists from the IT world share their experiences. Eswelt organizes round table discussions, Tergos has its own IT Infrastructure & Security Alliance, and the IT Dev café by Spilberg has become a household name in the meetup world. This is how our brands build large communities within their niches.

Knowledge sharing

Altus Staffing likes to share relevant industry information. We do this by publishing numerous informative blogs and by sharing trends and developments within our network.

Visser & Van Baars, Spilberg and Eswelt publish weekly blogs on sector-specific, technical topics. In addition, Aboutsecurity.nl by Tergos is a content platform on which professionals share their vision and strategy on various security topics.

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